Folk Dancing

Sport, especially Basketball


Arts and Food

our communities from all around Australia

met during one full week of action

between December 27 – 31st of December 2016

A massive "Thank you" to all organisers!
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The XXX ALD Logo and collateral was designed by Min Simankevicius

A huge turnout for the ALD XXX program was a great success

Visitors from overseas were a welcome part of our festivities

It was hot!

We sang, we danced, we sported our way through the week
and promised to it again in two years.

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The biannual Lithuanian Days XXX (our 66th year since inception) was held from December 27 – 31 December of  2016. COVID lockdowns prevented the following event in 2018 from happening.

The Activities in Melbourne during December were centered around the Lithuanian House in Errol Street North Melbourne.

All sports events were of course held in locations around Melbourne to accommodate the relevant activities and the wonderful Fold Dance Festival was held at Albert Park Basketball centre.


● Entry was FREE to all events except for New Year’s Eve Party.



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Our biannual Lithuanian Days Sports Festival is also held from December 27 – 31 December of this year, 2016

Sporting events include billiards, darts, golf, volleyball and basketball.

Venues around Melbourne,

Lithuanian/Australian young, emerging and established art prizes

Art Prize

A.L.D. organizuojantis komitetas kviečia visus:
dalyvauti šventės parodoje, kuri vyks: Revesby Workers’ Club: 2B Brett St, Revesby, NSW 2212
Meno Darbų Kategorijos ir Apdovanojimai:
Lietuviṧka Tema $300
Tautodailė $300
Fotografi ja $300
Skulptūra $300
Bendras Skyrius $300
Visuomeninis Prizas $300
Jaunimo skyrius (17-21 metų) $150
Jaunimo skyrius (12-16 metų) $100
Vaikų skyrius (7-11 metų) $ 50
Vaikų skyrius (iki 6 metų) $ 30
Parodos sąlygos dalyviams:
Dalyvio paraiška pateikiama iki: 12 gruodžio 2022
Meno darbus pateikti: antradieni, 27 gruodžio
Meno darbus surinkti: šeštadieni, 31 gruodžio
Meno kūriniai turi būti originalūs ir autentiški
Pardavimai: dalyviai patys suorganizuoja
Paveikslai/nuotraukos: kiekvienas dalyvis gali pateikti 4 kūrinius
Skulptūra: dalyviai pateikia stovus montavimui
Rankdarbiai: bus eksponuojami ant stalu
A.A. menininkų darbai: giminės gali pateikti 2 kūrinius
Meno kūrinių draudimas: dalyvių atsakomybė
Su klausimais prašome kreiptis:
Gita Gilvydis at
trečiadienį, gruodžio 28d.
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SHOW DATE: 28 -31 December 2022
SHOW LOCATION: Errol Street Nth Melbourne
To note:
1. No fee to enter artworks
2. 4x works per artist
(Artists are also welcome to ship artworks )
3. Artists can sell their work if they chose to (no commission taken). Payments to be arranged by artist and buyer.
4. Artists to collect their works on 31 December (afternoon).
If anyone needs a table to present their work, please let me know and I will arrange with the venue organiser.
Dainos Svente / Song Festival
Choirs and singers of renown
Sporto Svente / Sports Festival
From Tennis and golf to our favourite: basketball
Special Guests
Hoping for guests from Lithuania
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