The Lithuanian diet

Surviving frozen months of Winter gave rise to the cuisine

Healthy organic food

Original family recipes



Not just potatoes

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Potatoes - yes, just add butter, mushrooms, bacon bits and krapai

Whatever you do,
try these at home



pron: Tse-peh-lin-ay

Aussie-rules football shaped bundles of awesome!

Flavours explode from simple baking and wonderfully simple sauces

Integer sapien quam gravida

Modern approach
to classic Lithuanian cuisine


By substituting the potato with zucchini or pumpkin or eggplant and such creates completely new blends of the Lithuanian cuisine.

Our addition of Asian flavours to the stocks, substituting yoghurt for cream or adding soy to koldunai creates fundamental changes to a cuisine thousand of years in the making

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Sunday lunches, cheap and nourishing

Discover our eateries in every capital city community centre, Sundays especially


Each community throughout Australia caters for special lunches every weekend, but mainly on Sundays after midday mass has finished. Generally the choice is not extensive but will feature one of two dishes, all conveniently made at our clubs by volunteers. Any profits left over from the costs of manufacture – Remember, FREE LABOUR – go to the community chest box to help with maintaining of the community halls and activities.

More about us
Generations of similar recipes makes for an unexpected twist

Best recipes from a baba

Napoleonas, the cake named after the Great general
Layers of intrigue, years of learning
Koldunai: dumplings with splashings of rich sauce
Instead of sour cream, try it with unsweetened yoghurt and a dash of soy sauce
Balandeliai – “little doves”
The cabbage roll with heart
Visit a Lithuanian community soon!

Enjoy Lithuania’s specialties

Our main fish delight
Silkes: herrings, marinated, preserved - solo or smothered in mushroom or tomato-based sauces
Honey imbued spirit
The spirit of our nation
Grybai/mushrooms grow freely throughout Lithuania so are the main staple of many dishes
Marinated, pickled, fried, creamed, grilled, sautéed, and whichever way you prefer them
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